Behind the name KALABA® you will find Martina Kalaba, born in the small town of Rosenheim, Germany. She focused on industry and business photography - among her clients are now well-known German and international companies - and on creating photography based illustrations in the artistic field on the other hand. To earn a living this way, may sound like a thoroughly happy life, but that was by far not always the case.


With the age of 19, her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich began. Overwhelmed by the free world of artat the first time, she left the academy after 3 years and decided to work all on her own: "I'm dedicating my soul in a way. Therefore, it is important to me that everything possible is rising within myself only- I don't want to be influenced, but I love being inspired." Living in Los Angeles temporarily, she is devoted to acting as well as to visual arts of course, the principle of "trial & error" is still part of her photographic life.


During a 7-year tenure with a German airline she started travelling around the world, experience should be further increased. The only true companion through all irregularity: again, the camera. After the termination of her employee status, as it was almost expected, the enormous richness of experience needed to be handled in an artistic way. Only then, besides another period of unpopular jobs, the final decision for art and photography was rendered. "Suddenly, people started buying my pictures and so I was self-employed, although this has never been my intention."


On the initial path of press photography the doors into companies opened with difficulty, work began under the slogan "I see it differently ...." The ability to see things differently is the prerequisite. To assert authentically through creativity and sensibility in the tough world of commerce, is the greater challenge. But often exactly this opposite mixture is the secret to a successful outcome.

"I was often sad about the time of my artistic abstinence and also about the fact that I didn't complete my degree in the first attempt. But now I know that the way of often times hard alternatives was the way of my development, so to speak my way. I would not be me, if things just went different. I have learned to bite my way through while not only doing my job, but living it. And life goes on..."

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